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Infrastructure is the key to our ongoing prosperity
Infrastructure is the key to our ongoing prosperity
June 8, 2017
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Urrrrgh … tax time
June 21, 2017
Secret to Successful Property Investment

Secret to Successful Property Investment

Do YOU Know the Secret to Successful Property Investment?

Ever read an article or visit the website of a investment property group where they claim to hold the secret to property investment success? Secrets they’re willing to share with you if you attend one of their seminars together with 100 other complete strangers. How extraordinarily good of them to do that, right? Where do I sign up?

Here’s my secret to investment property success: THERE IS NO SECRET! There is however knowledge and research.

A $500,000+ investment is too big a deal to be predicated on a ‘secret’. Your decision can make or break not only your future but your kids’ future. Arm yourself with knowledge of what will make your property successful, there are fundamentals to investing.

Chief among those fundamentals is demand. The law of supply and demand is universal. It is the demand for your property relative to the supply of property in the market that will increase the value of your property. That being the case, what then drives demand for property? Well let me reveal the secret (joke); – population growth, – employment growth.

What drives demand for types of housing? – household size – household structure.

Australia’s population will increase to approx. 32 million by 2036 and the majority of the 32 million will seek to live close to the CBD of whatever state they decide to live in. They will do this because CBD’s are where the vast majority of not only total number of jobs are but where better paying jobs are. The CBD’s of four of our capital cities account for over 85% of national economic output. People go where the money is, they go where the opportunity is.

There are of course many other factors that will drive demand for property and I could talk about population growth and every other factor for days but in the interest of brevity, I will simply urge you let the following lead you to where, when, how and what you should invest in:

  1. statistics
  2. demographics
  3. trends
  4. economics
  5. policy

Spruikers don’t like research because it doesn’t back their claims. They instead prefer ‘secrets’. So instead of succumbing to the marketing ploys used by spruikers, arm yourself with knowledge of the fundamentals then go back to the spruikers and start asking them questions and watch them ‘um’ and ‘uh’ and stutter their replies. It’s fun.

Jon Ilievski