Property investing with Aviate

Step 1: Personalised recommendation

We provide you with a property recommendation based on our unique research methodology that is tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Reserve your property with a EOI deposit

We assist you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) so you can reserve the property you intend to purchase. The EOI is fully refundable in case you change your mind.

Step 3: Finalise the contract of sale

Our team, along with your solicitor or conveyancer, will help you finalise the contract of sale for the property.

Step 4: Pay 10% deposit

A 10% deposit is required by most vendors to secure the property. Our team will help you to determine the best method of payment in your circumstances.

Step 5: Construction and settlement

You’ll be kept up-to-date throughout the construction process and we’ll support you at settlement time.

Step 6: Portfolio review, repeat investment and grow

Aviate prides itself on the performance of its approved properties. We grow with you by reviewing your investment property and assisting to build your portfolio.